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Boat Layouts

dinette.jpg (53659 bytes)saloon.jpg (153950 bytes)Narrowboats come in a variety of different layouts. However, there are a number of common features and so choosing the right boat for you and your crew is actually quite straight forward.

This is often at the front with doors opening to the front deck. This is where the sitting and eating is done, so the TV and radio are usually here.



Contains a domestic sized cooker and fridge along with a full inventory for self-catering as well as hot and cold water.

showr.gif (131459 bytes)Toilets:
They are all modern and hygienic, fresh water flushing units.

Spacious showers with lots of piping hot water. Often as good as the one at home. (or even better!)

bed1.jpg (75585 bytes)Narrowboats are just that! So fixed Double beds tend to be 4’ wide and single beds 2’ 6".

All our Standard Rated boats utilise a dinette which is a saloon table that can be converted into an extra double bed at night.

The Deluxe rating for boats assumes that you will not be using the dinette as a bed.

Now check out the BOAT LAYOUT PLANS

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